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Something we can’t be accused of doing, is not putting in the effort or going to extremes to make sure that a client campaign goes off without a hitch. We pre-plan as best we can, we conduct site visits, we brief our teams, we check the kit is in working order and we liaise with any stakeholders and clients throughout the process. 

Something we absolutely can be accused of doing, is completing a project, and diving straight into the next one! Rarely do we take time to reflect on what a great job we did, how successful a campaign was. We write up the report and send it off to the client then we tend to just move on and get stuck into the next project. 

So, this blog allows us an opportunity to slow down, to reflect and dissect a bit. To acknowledge a job well done and perhaps consider alternatives or other options were we to repeat a project. 

It allows us a place where we can discuss the industry at large, perhaps predict trends or comment on campaigns we admire from around the world that inspire us or catch our eyes.

We can’t guarantee we’ll update it every week but we’re going to try our best! 

Niamh, Neil and Alb

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